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BS'D I am a 57 year daughter, wife, mother of 6, mother in law of 3, Safta or Grandma of 8 and 1/2 Thank G-d, sister, aunt, niece, cousin and friend. I am making Aliyah, going to settle, in Israe-l in December, G-d Willing. This is a journey that began almost 40 years ago. With G-d's help, I will now complete it. I must say, without the support of my blessings of a family, I could not do this.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And a Gamar Kasima Tova to all Bnei Yisroe-l. I started this because of a wonderful blog I found when I was Googling something. I enjoyed it so much that it gave me an idea. I want to create the warm and friendly atmosphere we shared around the kitchen table. This is a very vivid memory from my childhood all the way from my Great Grandmother AYSH and my Grandma AYSH and now my Mother, who should live and get great joy from all her children, grandchildren and thank G-d, great grandchildren.

Now the blog in question,to which I will attempt to provide a link or at least the blog address. It is :
and the question on the table revolves what started out as a great idea, but seems to have angered many people to amused many people to confused many people. I was talking today to a man who operates a great website VIRTUALYESHIVA.COM.
I have had some wonderful offers to begin a chat room, under strict supervision, with parents permission, for younger Yeshiva children. It can be set up with both girls and boys chat rooms and every child must have a parent speak with us and give their permission. There are several reasons for doing this. Most important, let young ones have their experiences online be Jewish, pleasant and allow them to become penpals to those all over the world. So, back to the Rebbe cards. I have had donated to me over 200 cards. I am sure if we give each child who signs up for the chat room a few packs of cards they may trade their doubles and before you know it, boom a new friendship is born.
Now, this is my first attempt at this and I hope you will forgive the clumsiness, however, this blog is to share thoughts with other women, share simchas and offer a shoulder on which to cry, if G-d Forbid, it is necessary.
Please check out the ORTHOMOM's blog, but I will put my post here. It makes sense if you follow the thread. Please tell me your thoughts on this topic.

ORTHOMOM's blog , my post.

mamamitzvah said...

Hi and Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos. My name is Rifkie. I am the mother of 6 B'H and 7 and 8/9 and 1/2 grandchildren. I am a Rebbe Sticker addict. :-( Oh yes, it started innocently enough. I bought a few packs for my grandchildren, then an album for each..Innocent fun...well, as time went on I bought more and more stickers. Then I had the great idea that my grandchildren would love it if Safta had an album and stickers to trade doubles. I was going to the Seforim store more and more often. I went from spending $2 a visit to $300 on the last day that I bought stickers. I had a full blown panic attack when the Seforim store owner told me that he only had 50 packs left. I went from one seforim store to another. I bought all they had. Here is the saddest part. When my husband got home that night, I was sitting amidst a pile of red aluminum wrappers and mumbling "I have 2 Chazon Ish cards" over and over. There were only 10 pristine packs still wrapped which my Mother took. My husband bundled me up and put me to bed. I started Rebbesticker Rehab the next day. I had sunk so low that I actually bought the first album (blue) of which there are no cards. Yes, ladies...that is my tale...A wonderful idea which somehow went terribly wrong....So, beware..those innocent little addictive. If any of you are suffering the same fate, Chas V Shalom, or you know anyone who is suffering, get them to RSA, Rebbe Stickers Anonymous. As you see, I go one day at a time, but I am recovering slowly. Please feel free to email me if you need help ......or if you have any stickers to spare.
:-) A Kasiva Kasima Tova,

May we say Shema at bedtime and awaken to say Modeh Ani in Yerushalayim!

12:06 AM

Dear Mama,
I could not agree with you more. I am a Rebbe in a boys yeshiva. Most of my class is 11 years old. I thought the idea of the Rebbe stickers and the contest was a good one. I had the school buy each boy an album. I got the parents to chip in and other parents as well. We purchased 2 boxes of stickers. I gave them out for exemplary behavior, for an elevated test score and other positive behavior. We agreed that none of the parents would buy the cards or stickers outside of what the children earned. During the year, we purchased 4 more boxes and the idea seemed to go along swimingly. It seemed to motivate the boys. I even got myself a sticker album and some stickers so that I could help understand the boys better. The boys did reports on some of the Rebbes. However, after a few months, I began to noctice a disturbing pattern. I began to see cards over and over again, the same
missing cards as well. I don't know what is going on, but the same 5 or 6 stickers are missing in every album. We must have over 100 number 456, but as you rightly notice, 350 is no where to be found. It seems unfair to take advantage of children this way. I hope you can do what I could do.

Sincerely, Rabbi G.